Take Charge of Your Diabetes

The Diabetes Self-Management Workshop is a 6 week workshop designed to help people manage their medical condition and also maintain their ability to complete everyday tasks. When facing a chronic illness the most important things to do are to understand the condition and respond to it by becoming a skilled self-manager on a continuing basis. The Workshop helps participants understand and gives them information about:

  • Understanding and monitoring Diabetes
  • Healthy Eating Suggestions/Reading Nutrition Labels
  • Preventing Low Blood Sugar
  • Preventing/Delaying Complications
  • Preparing Low Fat meals
  • Physical Activity and Exercise
  • Dealing with Stress
  • Medication Usage
  • Action Planning

Taught by specially trained leaders, the program covers a new topic each week and provides opportunities for interaction and group problem solving. If you are interested in more information on this program, please call or email Michelle Parrott, UT Extension Agent, at the Putnam County Extension Office at (931) 526-4561 or michelle.parrott@utk.edu