4-H Judging Teams

​By participating in judging teams youth learn skills and knowledge and apply them to scenarios. Youth have interaction with specialists and industry professionals in the related areas. Weekly practices are held prior to each contest. Practices include lectures, hands-on lessons, quizzes, and other forms of contest preparation. Judging teams are offered throughout the year.

Here are the areas currently offered in Putnam County:

Consumer Decision Making/FCS Skillathon

Youth learn about everyday consumer skills such as reading food labels, and selecting products such as jeans, toothpaste, laundry detergent.


Youth learn about trees, insects and diseases that affect trees, using a compass and pacing for distance.


Youth learn to judge horses based on body conformation and performance, also learn about different breeds.

Youth will learn more about horse breeds, nutrition, tack, and equipment.


Youth learn about soil characteristics, land use and conservation practices.


Youth learn about selecting swine, sheep, goats and beef cattle based on body conformation and purpose.

Outdoor Meat Cookery

Youth learn grilling safety, food safety and creating recipes.

Youth learn about selecting live birds, candling eggs, and parts of the chicken.


Youth learn about native species, their food sources and habitat, also how to manage habitat.

Students measuring trees

Students learning more about bovine habits and care